When I was little, I dreamed of being both a nun and an actor! I wanted to make the world a better place while having fun and enjoying myself at the same time.
My parents laughed about my dream and did not take me seriously.


After decades of transforming constricting self-doubts, limiting fears, and traumatic experiences, I found the courage to rise up and be myself.

I decided to live my purpose and
to share my light without holding back,

 supporting others to do the same - from the very beginning - so we can all flourish and change this world for the better.

I am committed:
to support you as you discover, appreciate, and energize YOUR Being
to guide you to live fully in each sparkling moment, experiencing fulfillment and joy, enriching
the lives of others;
to see you bring your highest dreams to life.


Pia Dögl
+1 415 617 9564
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