What empathy is to me and why it is important


Empathy to me is a daily practice. An art of being with each other. It is the creation of new possibilities and unfolding our potential together.

It means diving into the thoughts, emotions, needs and body reactions of ourselves and others. It means being fully present and aware while perceiving without expectations or prejudice.


In my experience, only if we gain a deeper understanding of our own mindsets, emotions, needs, habits and reactions, we become self-determined and guide ourselves to make decisions that foster our own well-being.

When we experience empathy, we feel deeply connected and appreciated for who we truly are.

Nourishing your empathetic awareness

We often act mechanically before we explore our feelings and needs. Taking a moment to intentionally focus on our inner perception is often missing in our everyday lives.


My work focuses on creating opportunities for you to mindfully explore your interior landscape: your own mindset, personal feelings, needs, habits, intentions and visions.


Through spontaneous and creative actions, such as exploratory painting, free body movements, dance, and sensory practice, you allow your body and your heart to speak. Reflecting on these actions brings the unconscious into the conscious. Your true self, which is not accessible through the mind, can come into being.