Unlimited Prosperity As a Mother 


Unleash the wealth of who you are

Do you sometimes want to flee the house, leaving all responsibility behind?


Do you sometimes feel the need to tear off your clothes, explore and respond to all that you feel?

Are you looking for ways to be more self-expressive? Do you want to empower your creative ideas, no longer letting them linger under the sand?

We invite you to a weekend full of insights and inspiration! 
Through artistic inspiration and self exploration,
we will guide you towards bringing your prosperity, your unbridled beauty to life.​

Workshop location


Studenhof, Dachsberg, Black Forest.


February 7-9, 2020.

This Workshop is limited to 14 women.

Cost: $220

The Workshop is held in cooperation with Anna Baydur, mother of three children, Waldorf- and Pikler Pedagogue, Educationalist and CANTENICA© trainer from Germany.

For further information and to register please email me at info@dailyempathy.com.

Fresh Air for Mothers 


As a mother it can be incredibly challenging to find a balance between nourishing others and ourselves.

Easily we fall into daily care routines, responsibilities and obligations.


How do we become more aware of the space we need and our other needs as well?


I invite you to a morning full of insights, joy and exchange in a small group of beautiful mothers.


Through artistic inspiration and exploration, your deep wisdom will expand to your drive.  


Find more inner balance for being with yourself and others!


Workshop location

San Francisco

Pacific Heights, location details upon request.


24th of March 2020, from 9:30am-noon. 
This group is limited to 8 women. 

Cost: $40.


For further information and to register please email me at info@dailyempathy.com.

The Power of Being United


We all want so badly to be seen and appreciated the way we truly are. 

But how do we nourish our awareness of others and ourselves within our fast-paced lives?

Through sensory practices, free body movement and reflection, you will experience connection and touch underneath the mind. It is about raising self- awareness and opening personal barriers to sense the potential beyond one's self.


Perceiving as a way of knowing. Being curious, playful and fully present. Sensing, what children still sense and we normally overlook.

Workshop locations

Los Angeles hosted by Pikler USA,

May 19, 2019 @ Harrie's Studio, 10am-1pm, $65

New Hampshire hosted by WECAN,

October 4-6, 2019 @ the Birth to Three Conference, Sophia’s Hearth,
already fully booked!

San Francisco, Pacific Heights,

November 19, 2019, location upon request,
9:30am-11:30am, $60

Saturday Night Fever - For Couples
Let's Keep the Sparkle 

As parents, we are often more aware of our child's needs rather than those of our partner’s.


How can we recognize which actions or reactions are helping or hurting one another? And how can we lovingly surprise each other even after years of a relationship?  


Through sensory practices, reflection, and sharing challenges, you will experience the power of your unique connection and learn new ways to restore the richness in your communication.


I invite you to an evening that will strengthen and expand your potential together. You and your partner are the foundation of your family.

Workshop location

San Francisco, Pacific Heights,

November 16, 2019, location upon request, 3pm-5pm, $180 per couple

Sign up soon and make sure to reserve a baby sitter on time!

For all registrations, questions or any inquiries about our workshops as well as for individual consultations, please contact me directly at info@dailyempathy.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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