My heart desire is to bring full potential into life. I believe that each one of us is here for a particular reason and that we all have a unique purpose. 


My passion is to inspire individuals, families and groups to harness what they are capable of. Empathetic awareness is the key. Only when we explore and work with our thoughts and feelings mindfully, we become closer to our true selves. From here, we can also perceive others more consciously.

As a counselor, author and entrepreneur, I have focused my work on fostering the precious potential of children and the empathetic well-being of the whole family. I founded the organization Beginning Well Everyday, which offers parents, caregivers and health professionals practical support for mindful care.

I co-founded and managed the Emmi-Pikler-House in Berlin, an interim sanctuary home for neglected babies and toddlers.


My book, Beginning Well - Empathy From The Very Beginning, was published in autumn 2018 in English and will soon be available in Chinese.


I studied pedagogy, psychology, and art therapy and have worked in human resources in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in Europe.

I now work internationally with individuals and groups on self-awareness, guiding them in the unfolding of their unique capacities. 

I live with my family in San Francisco; love salsa dancing around the globe and sunrise runs wherever I am.



Pia Dögl

+1 415 617 9564

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