Get a taste of how to connect - sense - and touch underneath the mind.

To thrive while working in groups, whether in a professional or private setting, it is important for people to gain the ability to be open, mindful and perceptive with each other. Once we feel truly appreciated our motivation, creativity, engagement, flexibility, and joy inevitably flourish.

We design workshops for companies and nonprofits based on their specific development goals. More


Are you looking for support with:

  • Envisioning personal goals?

  • Managing leadership responsibilities?

  • Finding meaning in significant life changes?

  • Consciously shaping relationships?

Just as you are a unique being, the path that you take is also distinct.

I will guide you to integrate your wise intuition, your most reliable inner navigator.


Are you wanting to better respond to your partner's requests and or to better sense your child's being and needs? Are you seeking to energize your relationships so that they are more cooperative and balanced?


With empathetic awareness and curiosity, we are able to handle the biggest challenge of family life: to support each person’s individual growth and freedom while feeling deeply secure in family community. Together, we will find encouraging ways to allow everyone to grow beyond themselves.

For families with babies and little children it might be helpful to be in their familiar environment. For this reason, my consultations may take place at your home, if required.

For all questions or any inquiries about individual consultations, please contact me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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