The work with Pia is nuanced. My internal process was building trust and finding the bravery in being vulnerable. Pia supported me in that and had my back, no matter what the topic was. Pia does offer structure, but what I found most helpful, was that she offers creative space for self-discovery. She put me on the road to finding a deeper part of myself that was also open to a spiritual side.

Nikki Gunn, Business Services for Makers, San Francisco, California, www.nikkigunn.com

Working with Pia has significantly changed my life. Her method is wonderfully unusual. She hears more than with her ears. She is able to talk about things that I am not conscious of, without feeling invasive. Her confidence in me sits with me like a supportive voice that cheers me on.

Georgia Vaughan, Producer and Manager for Print Media, Bay Area, California

I had always had the aspiration to produce crafts such as children's clothes and lifestyle products, but as a mother of four kids, I wasn't sure quite how to.

Through all self-doubts and inner uncertainties, Pia was the one who guided me to venture out and achieve my dream. Through her unwavering confidence in my creativity and her wonderful persistence, I turned my vision into reality. Now I am successfully selling my designs. Pia called out in me what I did not dare to utter.

Alix von Studnitz, Design of Live-style Products, New York and Berlin

I know no one who recognizes the essence and potential of a human being with such subtlety and clarity as Pia. Capturing the individual as a whole requires incredible empathy. It is as if Pia is delicately going on a treasure hunt with a clarity that sees everything: the body, the soul, and the spirit. It is wonderfully healing to work with Pia, and through her, I found my vocation.

Bettina Neuscheller, Fashion Designer, Vienna, Austria, www.butterseite.at

In my various leadership positions, Pia has accompanied me for many years. Her clarity and intuitive accuracy impress me every time. Ultimately, it is always about sufficient self-awareness and appreciation of myself and others. Pia is unique in that. Because of her unconventional, lively approach, each session is a powerful, creative experience.

Sandra McGurk, Sales and Recruitment, Aviation Branch, Dublin, Ireland

Pia has been encouraging my professional development since 2009. Her sensitive perception of my potential and her clear reflection have always been deeply inspiring and enriching. Pia has an unbridled trust in the original capabilities of each individual. I particularly appreciate her unconventional and quick solution ideas and her great humor.

Evelin Mauff, Hat Designer, Berlin, Germany, www.tomcap.de, www.evelinmauff.com


Pia Dögl
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