Appreciate Yourself – A Daily Practice


With the following practice, I want you to consciously pay attention to your need to feel appreciated for what you accomplish every day, which is so often taken for granted. 


I invite you to imagine a situation when you were doing your best
For example, maybe you were preparing a meal either for your child, another family member, or a friend. 


You put in quite a bit of effort to make it delicious and right and then when you offer the food, the person lets you know clearly that he or she does not like it at all! 


Maybe the person says: ”Oh, I don’t like cheese” or maybe the person is already finished while you haven’t even started and he doesn’t say a word about the food at all – like he’s not aware of all the thought and work that you put into the food you prepared.


If we are not aware of our inner reactions, and especially if this kind of thing happens over and over again, possibly with different people, then we start to accumulate hurt feelings. 


We may not be aware of our growing frustration or anger, and those feelings may surprise us when they come out unexpectedly and maybe with quite a bit of intensity.


So I want you to recall a situation now when you wished to receive more appreciation - maybe my experience with preparing a meal does not work for you, so recall any moment in your daily life where you wished to be more seen, noticed, and respected. It could be with your child, another family member, a friend, or a colleague.


We can only change ourselves

And as we can only change ourselves, I want you to talk to yourself now as you would talk to a close friend. 


You might say something like: “I have seen and noticed that you have done your best.

“And I also noticed that you acted with so much care and put so much thought into what you did. 

You put in the time and effort to care for others, although you could have used that time to take care of yourself, maybe to rest for a moment on the sofa or go for a quiet walk on your own.” 


Please continue your own inner conversation for some more moments and observe how your body and mind react to your inner empathetic dialogue. Maybe your body can calm down and soften - and with that, your thoughts as well?


Practice helps to make self-appreciation into a habit

I invite you to continue to practice this form of inner dialogue as often as you remember. A daily practice helps to make this nourishment into a habit.


We especially need to practice because most of us are not used to giving ourselves appreciation, to treating ourselves the way we want to treat our children: full of respect, gentleness, and deep understanding.


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Let's stay connected and take very good care!

In gratitude,


Pia Dögl